Three ways to transform your supply chain

Here at Digipal, we know that a one-size fits all strategy just isn’t going to fly in the world of logistics management. Open or closed supply chains, size of orders, dozens of transport options, international imports and exports, all play a huge factor in what solutions you’re going to need.

Our Digipal Plastic Pallets might be a staple in many supply chains, but how our clients get the pallets they use varies greatly. We offer three options designed to suit your supply chain’s needs:


  • Pallet Pooling

  • Pallet Renting

  • Pallet Buying

Pallet Pooling

Let’s be honest, sending goods to your customers require spinning many plates for people in the supply chain. The pallet under the goods, does not take a priority. Using our Pallet Pooling option, you can have one less plate to spin. With this option, you get the exact number of pallets you need, load your delivery, and send them on their way. Once they’ve arrived, we’ll collect them and deliver them to their next user.

Take away the stresses of having needless pallets clogging up your warehouse (though our Digipal Plastic Pallets, take up a lot less space than normal wooden ones) or on the rare occasion one breaks in transit, forget about the worries of disposing of it.

We recommend Pallet Pooling for the auxiliary suppliers of open supply chains. It’s the perfect option if you’re shipping out of one warehouse and into another.

Pallet Renting

With the Pallet Renting option, you get the perfect middle ground between Pooling and Buying. The pallets are your responsibility, but without the significant payment that Pallet Buying can require. Of course, you don’t have to be worried about managing your rented pallets, as we give you access to our asset tracking portal.

In many supply chains, a pallet might find its way to a dozen or so sites. With wooden pallets, keeping track of them in a system like this is practically impossible. When one breaks it might make its way around several destinations before being replaced. With the Digipal Digital Portal, tracking is made effortless thanks to every pallet having a unique and trackable tag.

We recommend Pallet Renting as a budget-friendly option for closed supply chains, if your business is looking to grow slowly, or you’re looking to add Digipal Plastic Pallets to your supply chain permanently (trust us, you won’t regret it) – this is the perfect option for you

Pallet Buying

Last – but by no means least – is Pallet Buying, purchasing your pallets outright. It is the most expensive option and is best used for larger supply chains that might require thousands of pallets. In the long run, you’re likely saving money over our other options.

Use the DigiPortal to track all your pallets – reducing product loss and increasing efficiencies across your supply chain. Pallet Buying gives you full control over how you use your pallets, but it also means that should pallets break it’s your cost to replace them. With Digipal Plastic Pallets, breakage occurs 25 x less often than their traditional wooden counterparts.

This option is perfect for those who want to fully modernise their supply chain. If you’ve got the capital to invest in your logistics management or are looking to save money in the long run, Pallet Buying is the best option for you.