Exploring Asset Tracking Use Cases

Discover how asset tracking solutions can optimise operations across various industries, streamline processes, and enhance efficiency

With cutting-edge technologies like RFID, Bluetooth and IoT, we’ve helped businesses achieve unparalleled visibility throughout their supply chains.

From optimising inventory management to improving logistics and beyond, discover how Digipal’s innovative solutions drive success in a diverse range of sectors.

Benefits of our precise asset tracking software in your supply chain

Real-Time Visibility, Maximising Efficiency

95% Reuction in Lost Assets

Sustainable Operations with Efficient Processes

Open supply chain monitoring

Tracking assets outside your supply chain can be achieved through a number of technologies such as Cellular IoT. Asset tracking solutions allow open supply chains to monitor the location and movement of vehicles in their fleet in real-time.

For instance, GPS-enabled devices installed on vehicles transmit location data to a centralised platform, enabling fleet managers to track vehicle routes, monitor driver behaviour, and optimise route planning.

In addition to location tracking, Cellular IoT devices can monitor the condition of assets during transit. For example, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals are equipped with temperature sensors that send out alerts if the temperature exceeds predefined thresholds, ensuring product quality and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Asda toyou, a prominent UK parcel delivery and collection service provider, sought a sustainable solution to enhance its logistics network.

Digipal implemented Cellular IoT technology to optimise Asda toyou‘s supply chain operations and drive sustainability. By tagging their assets, Asda toyou gained real-time visibility into pallet locations, minimising losses and improving efficiency.

The successful deployment led to a 95% reduction in lost pallets, enabling Asda toyou to manage its supply chain more effectively.

Pick to store tracking

Deploying RFID and Barcode technology as an asset tracking solution enables manufacturers to assign a unique identifier to their stock and track them. These tags contain vital information such as SKU, product details, and location.

When an order is received, warehouse staff use handheld RFID readers and barcode scanners to locate and pick the items from the shelves. The RFID technology provides real-time visibility into inventory levels, ensuring accurate stock counts and minimising stockouts.

Warehouse managers can monitor order fulfilment in real time, track the movement of products, and generate actionable insights to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Retail and inventory management

Implementing RFID technology can be costly for retailers to track inventory in real-time.

For the first time, brands can see a real-time view of shelf level inventory using Wiliot Bluetooth labels.

This battery-free upgrade in visibility enables improvement in on-shelf availability, merchandising, and omni-channel fulfilment. By tracking the movement of goods in real-time, you can also identify and address issues such as delays or deviations promptly.

Wiliot antennas can be installed in facilities and vehicles, giving users inventory management tools at delivery locations and eliminating the need for manual scanning and reducing human errors.

Wiliot tags can also be used to track more than just assets, stretching to real-time temperature and food safety measurements, carbon footprint tracking and more.

Revolutionise your digital asset management

Unlock efficiency, reduce costs, and improve your sustainability with Digipal’s asset tracking solutions.

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