Monitor your goods
in real-time throughout
the entire supply chain

Save time. Save money.
Be sustainable.

Reduce stock levels

Reduce warehouse space

Reduce transport costs

Reduce carbon footprint

Eliminate equipment loss

Increase on time delivery

Increase on shelf availability

Increase sales


Digipal Plastic Pallets (DPPs) improve upon existing pallet designs and move products more efficiently. DPPs take up 40-50% less space compared to conventional pallets, saving accordingly transport costs, storage space, handling cost. Plastic pallets eliminate wood chips contamination


The DigiPortal combines cellular IoT sensors, Wi-Fi transmitting sensors, Bluetooth transmitting tags, RFID reading, and visual input barcodes to monitor every movement


Digipal offers a comprehensive dashboard monitoring movements, KPIs reports and alerts, all in real time. The DigiPortal can save on stock levels, storage costs, transport cost, manual reporting and eliminate equipment losses

Digipal holistic solution

The DigiPortal is based on multiple layers of smart sensor technology to create a cost effective, comprehensive, and holistic system to manage your supply chain.

Digipal Plastic Pallets (DPP) are the most basic and ubiquitous “supply chain unit”. Digipal has developed a range of innovative plastic pallets that improve upon existing pallet designs by decreasing transport costs, eliminating wood chips and other food safety hazards.

DPP is a rental service, pooling plastic pallets. DPPs equipped with IoT sensors (location/temp/etc.) can collect data from tagged items (crates/boxes/etc.) transported on DPPs allow a comprehensive view of goods transported, real time.

We also provide data services with customer captive pallet fleets as well as other types of equipment: roll containers, bins, crates, corrugated boxes etc.

Digipal provides all the necessary data & analysis at competitive costs and with customer specific formats

Data Presentation



Plastic Pallet Pooling


Improve your supply chain visibility –
increase sales & save costs.