Pallet Renting

Streamline your logistics operations with Pallet Renting.


Frustrated with the limitations of single-use pallets? Dive into the world of Digipal’s Plastic Pallet renting solution – an eco-conscious and cost-effective choice for your supply chain.

Maintain optimal pallet quantities without the challenges and costs of ownership. From expensive storage and transportation to the high breakage rate and replacement costs, Digipal Pallet Renting relieves a lot of the CapEx pressure associated with ownership. Available on short or long-term hire, whatever your requirements, only pay for what you need.

These innovative assets can be equipped with IoT (Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi) sensors that present location and temperature data, providing you with the tools to identify leakages and weak spots in your supply chain (dwell time, misuse etc.). 

Reduce Scope 1 and 3 emissions

Enhance your supply chain efficiency

Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce costs

Improve brand image

Reshape the industry

Reduce the financial burden of purchasing and maintaining pallets, as you only pay for what you need

Lower your carbon emissions, energy consumption, and raw material usage

Improve safety and hygiene across your operation, and reduce breakages and replacement costs

Digipal’s Platic Pallets

Digipal’s Plastic Pallets are an innovative ‘supply-chain unit’ developed to improve upon the existing, and stagnant design of traditional wood pallets.

Decrease transport costs, improve durability, and eliminate those nasty splinters.

Rackable and Nestable

Stronger, lighter, and more efficient


Digipal RAN2 Pallet


The DigiPortal is based on multiple layers of smart sensor technology to create a cost-effective, comprehensive, and holistic system to manage your supply chain.

DigiPortal combines data from cellular IoT sensors, Wi-Fi transmitting sensors, Bluetooth transmitting tags, RFID reading and visual input barcodes.

Customisable dashboard

Drill down to each pallets history

Unlimited scalability

Your supply chain, your way

Simplify your logistics, improve sustainability, and enjoy superior reusable pallets at a comparable price.

Not sure our Pallet Renting is right for you?

Take a look at our other ownership options, we help you get your supply chain, your way.

Most Popular

Pallet Pooling

Simply request the number of pallets needed and we will handle the delivery and pick-up once finished so the pallets are available for reuse.


Pallet Purchasing

Get complete control with your own stock of Digipal’s Plastic Pallets. A suitable choice for companies with consistent and high-volume pallet needs.

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