Ownership Options

Your supply chain, your way

We offer a number of different options for you to roll out Digipal Plastic Pallets across your supply chain. Whether you’re operating a multinational distribution operation or a small regional network, we enable you to incorporate our pallets in the way that best suits your business.

Benefits of Smart, Sustainable Digipal Plastic Pallets

60% Storage Reduction

100% Recyclable 

0 Trees Felled

1-2% Breakage

Hygiene Advantage

IoT Enabled Asset Tracking

Digipal’s Ownership Options

Most Popular

Pallet Pooling

Embrace the future of sustainable logistics.

Simply request the number of pallets needed and we will handle the delivery to you and pick-up from your customer once finished so the pallets are available for reuse. Avoid the challenges of ownership and reduce your storage, upkeep and replacement costs.

This circular economy approach minimises your environmental impact, improves efficiency, and reinforces your ethical business ethos.

Pallet Renting

Maintain optimal pallet quantities without the challenges and expenses of ownership. It’s the smart choice for efficient and sustainable operations.

Digipal offer a scalable supply of pallets, available on a short or long-term basis. Only pay for what you need. 

Access high-quality pallets on-demand, reduce costs, and contribute to a cleaner environment without the commitment of ownership.

Pallet Purchasing

Purchasing Digipal Plastic Pallets offers your business complete control and flexibility over its supply chain.

A suitable choice for companies with consistent and high-volume pallet needs, our rackable and nestable plastic pallets are our stronger, lighter and more efficient alternative to wooden ones, reducing your storage and transportation requirements and costs.

Not sure which Ownership Option is right for you?

Get in touch and we’ll help you find the right solution for your supply chain.

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