Asset Tracking Technologies

Optimise your logistics operations with asset tracking technology

We harness a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies to track assets efficiently across supply chains.

From traditional Barcode systems to advanced RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Sigfox, Cellular, Cat-M, and NB-IoT solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of tracking options tailored to meet your specific needs.

Leveraging our expertise in supply chain management and business optimisation, we convert your data into actionable insights that drive real-world results.

Technologies Digipal can use









How accurate is Digipal’s Asset Tracking?

Choosing the right tracking solution depends on your specific needs.

Our Cellular tracking provides precise location data, pinpointing the exact building or area your assets are within from afar. Meanwhile, Bluetooth solutions offer a smaller range, typically within a 15-metre radius of a parent device.

Gain a competitive edge with end-to-end visibility across your supply chain.

What asset tracking technology will work for my supply chain?

ASDA toyou and Mediq are pioneering the use of autonomous devices, akin to GPS technology, for asset tracking.

These devices operate independently of infrastructure, making them ideal for open supply chains where asset owners may not have access to install readers.

When it comes to tracking pick pallets and crates, our recommendation hinges on the scale of the asset fleet and specific requirements.

For larger fleets, we suggest leveraging Wiliot Bluetooth or RFID technology. This choice ensures efficient tracking and management of assets throughout your supply chain.

Alternatively, if clients have the capability to install readers in their vehicles, we advocate for Wiliot Bluetooth technology.

This solution provides real-time insights into asset movements within the vehicle, including drop-off and collection locations, enhancing overall operational visibility and control.

What assets do Digipal track?

Digipal offers versatile asset tracking solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our in-house designers can develop custom moulds to accommodate various asset types, ensuring a perfect fit.

We currently track a wide range of items including pallets, roll cages, hyper cages, glitter boxes, magnums, dolav boxes, bulk boxes, bale arms, food crates, euro crates, attached lidded containers, liquid containers, vehicles, and more.

Revolutionise your digital asset management

Unlock efficiency, reduce costs, and improve your sustainability with Digipal’s asset tracking solutions.

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