Pallet Pooling

Embrace the future of sustainable logistics with Pallet Pooling.


Digipal’s Pallet Pooling service operates as a controlled loop cycle.  Pallets used one day to transport carrots from farm to shop floor can be used the next for delivering a fashion retailer’s stock to the outlet.

We ensure a consistent supply of pallets without the need for the constant manufacturing of new ones and save you the storage costs of having permanent stock on site. Access what you need, when you need it.

Between jobs, each pallet is picked up and returned to Digipal’s depot for cleaning and inspection, ensuring consistent asset quality and integrity.

Digipal looks to modernise the world of Pallet Pooling by combining the latest in IoT solutions and innovative Plastic Pallets, offering you full visibility. With detailed insights available at all times, keep track of your assets’ location and temperature data throughout your supply chain.

Reduce Scope 1 and 3 emissions

Enhance your supply chain efficiency

Reduce carbon footprint

Reduce costs

Improve brand image

Reshape the industry

The journey towards a greener supply chain starts with small, yet significant, steps – and Pallet Pooling is undoubtedly a stride in the right direction.

Tired of single-use stringer pallets that drain your resources and harm the environment? Join the Pallet Pooling revolution – a cost-effective, eco-friendly option to access sustainable Plastic Pallets as and when you need them. Simplify your logistics, reduce your carbon footprint, and enjoy superior reusable pallets at a comparable price…

… Plus, you don’t get any of those nasty splinters.

Reduce the financial burden of purchasing and maintaining pallets, as you only pay for what you use

Lower your carbon emissions, energy consumption, and raw material usage

Reduce the risk of product damage and costly delays with the flexibility to access pallets as needed

Embracing sustainable pallet pooling practices reflects positively on your brand

Reduce the risk of workplace injuries and product damage with well-maintained pallets

Digipal’s Plastic Pallets

Digipal’s Plastic Pallets are an innovative ‘supply-chain unit’ developed to improve upon the existing, stagnant design of traditional wood pallets.

Decrease transport costs, improve durability, and eliminate those nasty splinters.

Rackable and Nestable

Stronger, lighter, and more efficient


Digipal RAN2 Pallet


The DigiPortal uses multiple layers of smart sensor technology to create a cost-effective, comprehensive, and holistic system to manage your supply chain.

DigiPortal combines data from cellular IoT sensors, Wi-Fi transmitting sensors, Bluetooth transmitting tags, RFID reading and visual input barcodes.

Customisable dashboard

Drill down to each pallet's history

Unlimited scalability

Your supply chain, your way

Simplify your logistics, improve sustainability, and enjoy superior reusable pallets at a comparable price.

Not sure our Pallet Pooling is right for you?

Take a look at our other ownership options. We help you manage your supply chain, your way.

Pallet Renting

Only pay for what you use. We offer a scalable supply of pallets that eliminates a lot of the hassle associated with logistics management.

Pallet Purchasing

Get complete control with your own stock of Digipal’s Plastic Pallets. A suitable choice for companies with consistent and high-volume pallet needs.

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