Case Study: Asda toyou

Asda toyou, a UK parcel delivery and collection service provider, wanted a smart and sustainable solution to help streamline and manage its logistics network.

Digipal implemented its proprietary Plastic Pallets technology to optimise Asda toyou’s supply chain operations and drive sustainable practices.

The successful implementation of this technology led to significant improvements in Asda toyou’s efficiency and customer experience – the ability to track pallets was a key driver in making the switch to ensure they could continue to use the same pallets over and over again

Leveraging the existing Asda store network, toyou operates from over 600 locations and is one of the largest such providers in the country in terms of volume handled.

They had been experiencing asset losses through their supply chain, with their stock of wooden pallets going missing and regularly breaking due to poor quality. Asda toyou required a robust solution which aligned with the company’s sustainability goals.

Digipal could fulfil their requirements through the deployment of their IoT-enabled plastic pallets.


Visibility on all pallets: location and dwell time


Reduction in CapEx for replacement of assets


Compliance under GDPR


Less vehicle space needed for recovery, more capacity, less trailers, less CO2, more mpg


Trees saved annually by transitioning to 3k pallets from 62k wooden pallets


Reduction in internal/external storage space


Digipal supplied Asda toyou with a tracking solution, alongside our nestable plastic pallets. This equipped Asda toyou with access to the Digipal online portal, a digital platform showing the historic locations of their assets. Using this data, Asda toyou could see where the ‘leaks’ lay in their supply chain and act accordingly to prevent further losses.

The platform uses a combination of sensors, IoT devices, and proprietary software to provide end-to-end visibility of the supply chain.

As a cost-saving alternative to purchasing their assets, Asda toyou opted to use Digipal’s pallet rental option. This gives them control of the assets, without the financial liability – reducing both capital and operational expenditure.

Previously Asda toyou would use approx. 62,400 wooden pallets across the year, this number has dropped to around 3,000 using Digipal’s plastic pallets.

Digipal’s seamlessly integrated with Asda toyou’s existing processes, allowing internal adoption and training to have as little disruption as possible to day-to-day operations.


The successful implementation of this technology led to significant improvements in Asda toyou’s efficiency and customer experience. Opting to use Digipal’s IoT-enabled trackers provided Asda toyou 100% visibility of their pallets, tracking the path of each one along the supply chain. This, coupled with the simplicity of the Digipal Portal enabled Asda toyou to manage its supply chain more effectively. Thanks to this solution, Asda toyou saw a 95% reduction in lost pallets.

Asda toyou were able to integrate the information our DigiPortal provided into their own system – meaning they supply visibility to their service teams on potential issues associated to a specific tote, which they previously were unable to do.

With Digipal’s Plastic Pallets, sustainability briefs could be fulfilled as damaged or broken pallets can be collected and reused to become more plastic pallets in the future – rather than suffer the fate of their wooden counterparts by being burned or thrown into a landfill.

Finally, Pallet Renting reduced the overall expense of the implementation by removing the initial asset purchase and spreading costs across an agreement period.


The collaboration between Digipal and Asda toyou proved to achieve tangible results, helping Asda toyou fortify its logistics network which supplied an enhanced customer journey to their clients. The implementation of Digipal’s pallet and tracking solutions proved to be a success on all fronts.

The software empowered Asda toyou to:

  • Optimise its supply chain
  • Increase its operational efficiency
  • Boost customer satisfaction

The hardware supported their desire to become a more sustainable entity by reducing waste through breakages and lost assets.

The successful deployment of Digipal’s solution serves as an example of how incorporating IoT-enabled technology can transform traditional supply chain operations and provide significant benefits for businesses and customers alike.

Asda toyou released this video in which they described the rollout with Digipal’s solutions.

Watch the full video below: