FAQs: Digipal Plastic Pallets

At Digipal, we offer a number of solutions to help streamline supply chains and drive efficiency in logistics. One of these solutions is our smart IoT-enabled Plastic Pallets, an innovative supply-chain unit developed to improve upon traditional wooden pallets’ existing, outdated design.

We’ve collected eight of the most commonly asked questions about our Digipal Plastic Pallets and answered them here for you.

1. Are Digipal Plastic Pallets better than wooden ones?

Digipal’s Plastic Pallets are a more sustainable and more environmentally friendly alternative to wooden pallets. Digipal’s range of Plastic Pallets outperforms the life expectancy of wooden pallets lasting around 200-250 trips before needing any major repairs – they have been designed to handle the toughest of supply chains, tested to a BS8611 standard to handle consistent weight loading time after time.

View our range of Plastic Pallets here.

2. How are Digipal Plastic Pallets better for the environment?

Digipal’s Plastic Pallets are made from 100% recyclable materials. They are manufactured with a long, hard-working life in mind with use cases showing well over 250 cycles before any repair is needed, compared to a wooden pallet which is on average around 4 rotations.

Even at the end of their life, each pallet is recycled and made into a new pallet across an infinitely repeatable process, making our Plastic Pallets a low-impact carbon emission emitter.


3. How are Digipal Plastic Pallets made?

Digipal’s injection moulding process involves a heating process at around 250°C and injecting specially selected material put under pressure into a closed metal mould tool.

The molten plastic cools and hardens into the shape inside the mould tool, which opens to allow the mouldings to be ejected.


4. How much weight can a Digipal Plastic Pallet hold?

Digipal’s Plastic Pallets come with a BS 8611 testing certificate, meaning they have been tested to the highest level of safety standards – our customers can carry with confidence when loading their products onto our solutions.

Plastic pallets are split into three categories when specifying weight handling:

Static – Floor loading weight
Dynamic – Moving weight
Racking – Open two beam weight

Because of their versatility, Digipal pallets can come with different options but as a standard, they can handle:

Static – 7,500kg
Dynamic – 2,500kg
Racking – 1,250kg

5. What special features do Digipal Plastic Pallets have over wood?

Digipal’s Plastic Pallets are designed with the operator in mind. Our goal is to streamline operations and supply chains with an easy-to-use, smart solution.

• Lighter than wood
• Unique ‘anchoring system’ to lock plastic crates to the top deck
• Non-slip inserts to avoid slipping on forklift tines
• Nesting features mean up to 66% space saving over wood
• Creative design to reduce impact damage from PPT and forklifts


6. What are the advantages of Digipal Plastic Pallets over wood?

Digipal Plastic Pallets are stronger, more durable and last far longer than wooden pallets. We manufacture our pallets in a mould, making them uniform in size and weight – this causes less disruption to any automated processes.

Our solutions are more hygienic and safer in sterilised environments as they are resistant to moisture, mould and fungi – offering the option to store empty pallets in more exposed conditions.

As Digipal Plastic Pallets are produced from a mould, there are no fasteners required for assembly. These can potentially damage your assets or operators along with splintering from damaged wooden pallets.

Plastic pallets are also exempt from ISPM15 and therefore border inspection which can improve crossing speeds and costs of transport.


7. What are the disadvantages of Digipal Plastic Pallets?

Individually, wooden pallets are cheaper than Digipal Plastic Pallets. However, our pallets all come IoT-enabled, allowing you to drastically reduce the rate of asset loss and boost profitability.

Digipal also offers a Pallet Pooling and Renting option which allows supply chains, regardless of size, to adopt a smart durable solution for logistics.

8. Why do our customers choose Digipal over our competitors?

Digipal is a simple-to-deal-with, no-hassle, straight-up solution provider.

We have our own in-house asset management system which also runs our IoT platform – so everything is connected through one system seamlessly.

We strive to save our customers money using the latest solutions at our disposal with over 20+ years of experience in supply chain solutions.

In the world of logistics, time is money.