FAQs: Digipal Pallet Pooling

To stay ahead in supply chain management, companies are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Digipal, a leader in reusable packaging solutions, offers two distinct yet interconnected pallet services – Pallet Pooling and Pallet Renting – revolutionising the way businesses approach pallet management.

Here we look at some of the most Frequently Asked Questions surrounding Pooling and Renting.

1. How does Digipal’s Pallet Pooling work?

Digipal’s Pallet Pooling is a sustainable approach to pallet management that involved sharing reusable assets, such as Digipal Plastic Pallets, across multiple companies. These pallets are delivered to suppliers in a clean and inspected state, utilised for a single ‘trip’ through the supply chain, and then collected for inspection, washing, and potential repairs before reintroduction.

Pay for only what you use, meaning you have a continuous, eco-friendly resource, ready for utilisation across multiple facilities, companies, or both.

We ensure a consistent supply of pallets without the need for the constant manufacturing of new ones and save you the storage costs of having permanent stock on site.

Digipal looks to modernise the world of Pallet Pooling by combining the latest in IoT Technology and innovative Plastic Pallets, offering you full visibility through our proprietary DigiPortal service – a web-based platform holding all the relevant information of every associated asset throughout the entire supply chain, adding a layer of intelligence to your supply chain.

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2. What is the journey of Digipal Plastic Pallets in Pallet Pooling?

Digipal Plastic Pallets start their journey by being delivered to suppliers in a ready-to-use condition. Once your goods have completed their required journey, Digipal will then arrange for the collection of the associated assets and take them to specialised wash sites where they undergo inspection, washing, and potential repairs.

After being at the wash site, pallets are reintroduced into the pool ready to be sent to another customer for their supply chain demands.


3. How does Digipal’s Pallet Renting work?

Digipal’s Pallet Renting is a straightforward solution that eliminates the need for upfront capital expenditure. Maintain optimal pallet quantities for a fixed term without the associated challenges and costs of ownership.

From repeat transportation to the high breakage rate and replacement costs, Digipal Pallet Renting relieves a lot of the OpEx pressure associated with ownership. Available on short or long-term hire, whatever your requirements, only pay for the volume and time you need.

Digipal’s Plastic Pallets can be equipped with our cutting-edge IoT solutions such as  (Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi) sensors that present location and temperature data, providing you with the tools to identify leakages and weak spots in your supply chain helping to maximise utilisation and adding further data intelligence to your supply chain. (dwell time, misuse etc.).

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4. Is Digipal’s Pallet Pooling environmentally-friendly?

While Pallet Renting focuses on flexibility and cost-effectiveness, Digipal’s Pallet Pooling is particularly notable for its positive environmental impact. Pooled assets are in constant use, reducing the overall carbon footprint compared to purchasing pallets. Additionally, Digipal’s commitment to inspection and repair extends the working life of plastic pallets, and once they reach the end of life, they are 100% recyclable – being ground down into feedstock and moulded into more pallets.


5. What sets Digipal’s Pallet Pooling apart in terms of sustainability?

Digipal’s Pallet Pooling emphasises the sharing of assets, ensuring that pooled assets are in constant use, making them more environmentally friendly over their life cycle. Digipal’s commitment to inspecting and repairing assets before recycling further enhances sustainability by extending the working life of each pallet.


6. Do I get IoT asset tracking with Digipal Pallet Pooling?

Digipal aims to modernise Pallet Pooling by integrating the latest in IoT solutions. All Digipal Plastic Pallets are IoT-enabled, featuring technologies such as RFID, Battery-free

Bluetooth, and a percentage of the fleet even leverages 2G/4G mobile network tracking. This smart asset pooling provides enhanced visibility and control over the entire supply chain.

Digipal’s Pallet Pooling and Pallet Renting solutions offer a comprehensive and sustainable approach to pallet management.

Pallet Pooling stands out for its environmentally friendly sharing economy, where assets are in constant use, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

On the other hand, Pallet Renting provides businesses with flexibility and cost-effectiveness, eliminating the need for upfront payments and allowing capital expenditure to be directed elsewhere.

Digipal’s integration of IoT solutions in both Pallet Pooling and Pallet Renting showcases its commitment to modernising supply chain practices for enhanced visibility and control. As Digipal celebrates its four-year milestone, these solutions continue to shape the future of sustainable and efficient pallet management in the evolving landscape of supply chain operations.