Modernising Logistics: 4 Benefits of Pallet Pooling

Is your company relying on single-use wooden pallets in its logistics processes?

Traditional methods like this contribute to massive waste generation and environmental strain that can implicate your business in unsustainable practices.

Pallet pooling, on the other hand, introduces a circular economy approach where reusable plastic pallets are redistributed within a controlled loop system. This process not only minimises waste but maximises efficiency by eliminating availability challenges that can cause costly delays.

How Digipal’s Pallet Pooling Works

Imagine a network of logistics companies, spanning multiple industries, collaborating to create a shared pool of durable, sustainable plastic pallets. When products are transported from one location to another, these pallets can be used as the foundation for stacking and moving goods. Once the goods reach their destination, instead of the pallets being discarded they are collected, inspected, washed, and repaired or recycled if needed, and put back into circulation for the next shipment.

Digipal’s pallet pooling option operates as a controlled loop cycle – pallets used one day to transport carrots from the farm to the shop floor can be used the next for the delivery of a fashion retailer’s stock to the outlet. We ensure a consistent supply of pallets without the need for the constant manufacturing of new ones.

Keep costs down whilst using the best-in-class plastic products available without the financial outlay.

4 Benefits of Pallet Pooling

1. Reducing Scope 1 and 3 emissions

One of the most compelling benefits of pallet pooling is its positive impact on the environment. By sharing resources and reducing the need for continuous pallet production and disposal, pallet pooling can significantly lower carbon emissions, energy consumption, and raw material usage.

Taking steps to mitigate your scope 1 and scope 3 emissions represents a responsible act – which can reinforce your ethical ethos as a business.

2. Cost Savings

For logistic companies, adopting pallet pooling translates to substantial cost savings. With a shared pool of pallets there’s no need to invest in purchasing new pallets for each shipment. As mentioned above, the reduced need for pallet disposal and waste management further reduces operational expenses.

If you’ve been looking at incorporating asset tracking capabilities into your supply chain but can’t afford a mass implementation, Digipal’s pallet pooling equips you with our IoT-enabled smart plastic pallets that come with built-in tracking solutions.


3. Enhanced Efficiency

Sustainable plastic pallets are designed to be lightweight, ergonomic, and consistent in size, making them ideal for streamlined loading, unloading, and transportation. Their durability minimises the risk of breakage during transit, which can cause hazardous nails and splinters to be present, reducing the likelihood of damaged goods and costly delays.


4. Improved Brand Image

In a world where consumers are increasingly conscious of a company’s environmental stance, businesses that adopt pallet pooling and other sustainable practices stand out as responsible and forward-thinking market leaders.

Digipal’s smart plastic pallets are also clean and modern looking, available in a variety of colours, making them a much more appealing choice than the wooden alternatives.

This positive brand image can lead to increased customer loyalty and trust.

Reshaping the industry

As we look towards a future that demands resource-consciousness and innovation, logistics companies that adopt Digipal’s pallet pooling are not only optimising their operations but also instigating sustainable change.

The journey towards a greener supply chain starts with small yet significant steps, and pallet pooling is undoubtedly a stride in the right direction.

Digipal looks to modernise the world of pallet pooling by combining the latest in IoT solutions and innovative plastic solutions. Digipal’s pallet pooling system not only saves costs but helps reduce your businesses carbon footprint by introducing stronger, longer-life pallets and streamlining your reverse logistics processes with lighter loads and faster turnarounds…

… Plus, you don’t get any of those nasty splinters.

Through our pallet pooling option, we envision a world where efficiency and environmental responsibility go hand in hand, reshaping industries and creating a legacy of sustainable success.

Are you ready to embrace the future of logistics? Join the pallet pooling revolution and be a driving force in shaping a greener tomorrow.

Let’s carry the weight of change, together – one pallet at a time.