Case Study: Bunzl Healthcare

Trackable recycled pallets and smart reporting, providing Bunzl Healthcare with greater visibility and sustainability across its operations.

Digipal replaced wooden pallets with its 100% recycled plastic pallets, trackable through an online portal providing full visibility of assets in real time.

Each pallet can be tracked to an exact Geocode location e.g. warehouse, transit, hospital etc.

Group delivery points and RDC’s are ringfenced so the system can quickly identify if any pallets are sat outside the network.

This sustainable solution supports the ambitions of both Bunzl Healthcare and its customers towards achieving net zero.


Tree cut to produce 8 wooden pallets. 150k wooden pallets used per year


Trees to be saved by using recycled plastic pallets


Recycled and recyclable pallets. Over 250 cycles vs 10 cycles for wood


Less vehicle space needed for recovery, more capacity, less trailers, less CO2, more mpg


Reduction in internal / external storage space where space is premium


Visibility on all pallets: location and dwell time


Reduction in lost equipment compared to non-trackable wooden pallets


Lighter pallet. Safer working environment with improved ergonomics and handling

Introduction of the reusable plastic pallets has contributed to Circle’s drive to reduce waste by removing the single-use timber pallets. The pallets can be cleaned down and the usual timber pallet splinters and nails no longer present a risk in the hospital environment.”

Simon Bridge

Head of Supply Chain, Circle Health Group

Digipal pallets are nestable with a smaller footprint than traditional wooden pallets — a design invaluable in healthcare settings where storage space is limited.

Through the DigiPortal, Bunzl Healthcare have full visibility and control over their entire supply chain, providing both a cost effective and sustainable solution.

Bunzl Healthcare Wooden Pallets
Digipal Pallets Bunzl Healthcare

When recovering empty pallets:

  • Less vehicles required reducing CO2 impact
  • Less weight for a higher mpg decreasing fuel consumption
  • Additional vehicle space enables consolidation, more supplies to more customers reducing vehicle movements

No manual intervention is required to scan pallets or declare stock count incressing the efficiency of Bunzl Healthcare’s supply chain.

Zero disruption costs due to minimal infrastructure required to utilise Digipal’s plastic pallets and tracking solutions.